Connected Heart

Tantra, Counselling, Coaching and Bodywork


Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

Connected Heart offers counselling, coaching, support, tantra, alternative therapies and communications, I work from a TRULY client focussed modality, meaning our direction really starts from you and your first session and is completely based around your personality and what makes you tick.

Our combination of Reiki and massage promotes wellbeing and healing.


Therapeutic massage also available by appointment.

& Intimacy Coaching

For more information about what tantra can do for you please contact me for a free initial consultation. 

Connected Heart respectfully welcomes consultations to discuss any concerns regarding intimate issues, regardless of gender, relationship status or sexual preference.

If you are truly interested in moving forward and releasing old patterns that aren’t conducive to the life you desire – together we can find a way through.

Personal mentoring or coaching can be a hugely beneficial if you are feeling unclear on your goals. When you are lost, stuck or perhaps as though your life maybe lacking something, I’m here to help


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